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Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

  1. The event planner determined that Tuesday’s forum will require ——- chairs.

(A) addition

(B) additions

(C) additional

(D) additionally

  1. Ms. Hu will check the storage closet before she ——- more office supplies

(A) contains

(B) orders

(C) writes

(D) copies

  1. All sales staff are asked to acknowledge their ——- in Monday’s workshop.

(A) participate

(B) participates

(C) participated

(D) participation

  1. The commercial for Zhou’s Café was ——- Sunn Agency’s best advertisement of the year.

(A) easy

(B) ease

(C) easiest

(D) easily

  1. Use coupon code SAVE20 to purchase——–perfume or cologne far 20 percent off.

(A) any

 (B) few

 (C) single

 (D) many

  1. Talk-Talk Cell Phone Company will soon be merging with its main ——- .

 (A) competitor

 (B) competing

 (C) competitive

 (D) competitively

  1. Ms. Ellis designed one of the most ——-marketing campaigns the department had seen.

 (A) create

 (B) creation

 (C) creative

(D) creatively

  1. Last month we received numerous ——- comments from customers on our blog.

 (A) eventual

 (B) probable

(C) close

(D) positive


  1. Beginning on August 1, patients will be asked to complete a short survey ——- each visit.

(A) inside

(B) after

(G) where

(D) whenever

  1. Viewing the beautiful landscape outside her door ——- inspires Elia Colao to paint.

(A) continually

(B) continue

(C) continual

(D) continued

  1. Although the parts are made in China, the ——- of Jamy bicycles is done in Canada.

(A) vision

(B) meeting

(C) approach

(D) assembly

  1. Many businesses promote carpooling ——- traffic congestion.

(A) is prevented

(B) prevent

(C) to prevent

(D) prevented

  1. ——- the repairs are complete, only essential personnel are allowed in the building.

(A) Despite

(B) Finally

(C) Until

(D) During

  1. We apologize for having used the wrong colors on the Slarott Architecture brochures and will deliver ——- on Friday.

(A) replacing

(B) replaces

(C) replaced

(D) replacements

  1. Employees must store all tools ——- at the end of the shift.

(A) properly

(B) restfully

(C) truly

(D) finely

  1. An ——- to renovate the old factory was submitted to the city council,

(A) application

(B) establishment

(C) experience

(D) accomplishment

  1. Customers ——- wish to return a defective item may do so within twenty days of the date of purchase.

(A) whose

(B) who

(C) which

(D) whichever

  1. The Golubovich House will be open ——- a special living-history program on Sunday.

(A) from

(B) around

(C) for

(D) by

  1. Mr. Wijaya is reviewing the résumés to select the candidate best ——- for the position.

(A) qualify

(B) qualifications

(C) qualifying

(D) qualified

  1. Tourists praise Navala City’s world-class beaches ——- its historical attractions.

(A) as well as

(B) yet

(C) so that

(D) when

  1. Mr. Chandling will cover any time-sensitive work ——- Mr. Tan is on vacation.

(A) along

(B) besides

(C) while

(D) then

  1. Laura Giess promotes faculty-led study programs in ——- such as France and Italy.

(A) destinations

(B) ambitions

(C) purposes

(D) intentions

  1. Mr. Stafford e-mailed the clients to ask ——- there is a train station near their

(A) so

(B) about

(C) whether

(D) of

  1. Last year, the city ——- nearly 500 building permits to small-business owners.

(A) regarded

(B) issued

(C) performed

(D) constructed

  1. Local merchants are hopeful that if this new business succeeds, ——- will also benefit.

(A) theirs ,

(B) them

(C) their

(D) themselves

  1. Following the retirement of Mr. Whalen, the company ——- a search for a new CEO.

(A) connected

(B) launched

(C) persuaded

(D) treated

  1. Ms. Travaglini filed the paperwork with the facilities department ——- a week ago.

(A) beyond

(B) over

(C) past

(D) through

  1. After the lease ——- , customers have the option of purchasing the car or returning it to their local dealer.

(A) expired

(B) is expiring

(C) will be expiring

(D) expires

  1. The Jones News Hour is broadcast ——- on radio and television.

(A) instinctively

(B) simultaneously

(C) collectively

(D) mutually

  1. Ms. Choi would have been at the keynote address if her train ——- on time.

(A) arrives

(B) will arrive

(C) had arrived

(D) arriving

Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer fo complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 131-134 refer to the following advertisement.

Philadelphia’s PH11-TV invites you to download our new traffic app for your mobile device. The

app (131)——- the station’s traffic coverage. Use it to get traffic news if you are away from your

television and are unable to watch our traffic reports (132)——–.  Plus, you can program your daily

commute into the app to receive personalized alerts (133) ——– on your mobile device when any

traffic-related event occurs along your route. Avoid traffic delays by downloading the PH11-TV

traffic app today (134)——– tune in to our live broadcast beginning at 5:00 a.m. and 4:00 P.M. daily.


(A) displaces

(B) observes

(G) commands

(D) supplements


(A) Our city is substantial in size.

(B) Text messages are subject to service fees.

(C) We send our newscasters to all areas of the city.

(D) The app features frequent updates.


(A) direction

 (B) directly

 (C) directing

 (D) directs


(A) or

 (B) well

(C) quick

 (D) only


Questions 135-138 refer to the following Web page.

http://www. midwestartisanalcheeseguild.org

The Midwest Artisanal Cheese Guild (MACG) organizes trade shows and conducts educational seminars  (135)——- the cheese-crafting trade within the midwestern United States. Cheeses from this region are recognized internationally. Many of (136) —— cheeses are used by chefs at restaurants around the world.

The MACG puts on the region’s largest cheese-maker exposition, held each year in April. The prestigious Wizard of Cheese contest is held at this event. (137 ) ——. Dan Travella was last year’s (138) —–. His aged cheddar cheese received a winning score of 98.7 out of 100.


(A) is advancing

(B) to advance

(C) has advanced

(D) will advance


(A) these

(B) each

(C) when

(D) instead


 (A) Local firm Bromatel demonstrates the latest in cheese-making technology.

(B) Next year some new conference activities are planned.

(C) Cheese makers from around the country compete.

(D) Hotel reservations can be made on our Web site.


(A) speaker

(B) expert

(C) judge

(D) champion


Questions 139-142 refer to the following information.

Most of the (139)—— to Zien Travel Quarterly are professional writers with whom we have an ongoing relationship. (140)——, we always like to encourage and support new talent. We try to include at least one article per issue from a new writer, but with just four issues a year, the opportunities for publication are quite limited.

Before submitting an idea for publication, please read the guidelines at www.zientravel.com/writers, as they outline our specific areas of interest in detail (141) ——-

Note that we aim to respond to all correspondence in a timely manner, but there may be times when we are slow to respond. For this reason, we ask that you please be (142) ——


(A) contributes

(B) contribution

(C) contributing

(D) contributors


(A) With that said

(B) For instance

(C) in other words

(D) In that case


(A) There are dozens of ways to improve one’s writing skills.

(B) That is why an editorial calendar is so important to our publication.

(C) This will increase the likelihood of your proposal being accepted.

(D) While this story is excellent, it does not meet our needs at this time.


(A) patient

 (B) secondary

 (C) cautious

 (D) precise


Questions 143-146 refer to the following e-mail.

To: bgesnell@bvb.org

Fram: sluu@ uumarketing.cam

Subject: Online marketing research

Date: April 3

Dear Mr. Gosnell,

Below are some preliminary conclusions and recommendations based on our analysis of the design of the Brookside Visitors Bureau Web site.

First, the site is not as (143) —— as it should be. We recommend updating its appearance and adding information that meets the demands of today’s tourists. Note also that your organization’s logo is not used consistently (144) —— your Web site.

You should also consider supplementing the imagery used to promote the city (145) —— We therefore recommend uploading some professionally made videos featuring the various attractions Brookside has to offer (146)——we suggest adding a page to the Web site that allows residents and visitors to upload their own photos and videos of city attractions.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the next steps.

Best regards,

Shelly Luu

Luu Marketing


(A) effectiveness

(B) effectively

(C) effective

(D) effecting


(A) upon.

(B) toward

(C) among

(D) throughout


(A) No photos can be used without my written authorization.

 (B) A display of photos is not enough to attract prospective visitors.

(C) A systematic way of filing photos is essential for easy retrieval

(D) Photos that were not in the proper format have been rejected


(A) So that

(B) In addition

(C) To clarify

(D) After all


Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following ticket.

  1. What is true about the ticket?

(A) It was purchased for $5.00

(B) It can be returned for a cash refund.

(C) It is valid for more than one journey.

(D) It is good for 24 hours.

  1. For what mode of transportation is the ticket?

(A) A bus

(B) A boat

(C) A train

(D) A taxi


 Questions 149-150 refer to the following advertisement.

Graphic Design Associate Needed

The Zachary Township Floral Garden (7TPCi) is seeking a creative and career-oriented person to join our dynamic team. Duties include helping to design, publicize, and market ZTFO activities to schools and media outlets in the surrounding community. Qualifications include proficiency in office and design software and previous experience in a graphic design firm. Flexible work schedule. To apply, e-mail 2 cover letter, résumé, and two professional references to jobs@ztfg.org by May 5. To learn more, stop by any morning Monday through Friday for a tour of the garden


  1. What is a requirement of the job?

(A) Prior employment with a nonprofit organization

(B) Knowledge of organic gardening principles

(C) The ability to identify some garden flowers

(D) Competency with graphic design software

  1. How can job applicants get more information?

(A) By viewing a video

(B) By taking a class

(C) By visiting the garden

(D) By contacting some references


Questions 151-152 refer the following memo.

To: Ali Employees

From: Don Wunder, Director of Facilities

Subject: Chanti Workspaces

Date: February 11

In a special partnership with Chanti Workspaces, five standing desks will be available to employees on a trial basis from February 20 to March 15. Standing desks allow you to stand comfortably while working, We will use the new Chanti B45 model, which is adjustable, so you can alternate between sitting and standing at the perfect height for you. Research suggests that standing desks can negate some of the harmful physical effects of sitting too much. They may also improve mood and overall health, Those wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should contact me. If we have more interest than desks, the recipients will be these who contact me first. Those using the desks will be asked to take a survey about their experience to help us determine whether we should make- standing desks available to all employees.


  1. What is the purpose of the memo?

(A) To ask for help in assembling some furniture

(B) To offer staff a chance to try a new type of furniture

(C) To encourage employees to take exercise classes

(D) To survey worker preferences about office equipment

  1. What is indicated about the Chanti B45 model?

(A) It can be difficult to get used to.

 (B) It will increase worker productivity.

 (C) It can be adjusted to different heights.

 (D) It is the most expensive standing desk.


 Questions 153-154 refer to the following text-message chain.


  1. What will Ms. Lee most likely do next?

(A) Retrieve some things from upstairs

(B) Order some accessories for her phone

(C) E-mail Mr. Cruzado’s assistant

(D) Borrow Ms. Zhang’s phone

  1. At 3:50 P.m., what does Mr. Cruzado mean when he writes, “I’m guessing”?

(A) He believes that Ms. Lee is often forgetful.

(B) He thinks that Ms. Zhang spoke incorrectly.

(C) He assumes that the keys belong to Ms, Lee.

(D) He wonders if the keys belong to Ms. Zhang.


Questions 155-157 refer to the following property listing.


  1. How large is the parking area?

(A) 500 square meters

(B) 1,000 square meters

(C) 2,000 square meters

(D) 3,000 square meters

  1. What is NOT mentioned as an advantage of the property?

(A) It is close to restaurants and stores.

(B) It is a short drive from the airport.

(C) It allows for plenty of sunlight.

(D) It is a relatively new building

  1. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“Longer terms can be negotiated, depending on the needs of the applicant.”

(A) [1]



(D) [4]


Questions 158-160 refer to the following e-mail.

  1. The word “set” in paragraph 1, line 1, is closest in meaning to

(A) scheduled

(B) attached

(C) trained

(D) raised

  1. What does Mr. Oh suggest in his e-mail?

 (A) He has corrected a mistake.

(B) He has visited the corporate office.

(C) He is a newly hired employee.

(D) He is responsible for an office relocation.

  1. What is expected to Open on November 3 ?

(A) An airport terminal –

(B) A car rental business

(C) A tourist agency

(D) A construction company


Questions 161-163 refer to the following letter.


  1. What is the purpose of the letter?

(A) To thank patients for their patronage

(B) To advise patients about a business merger

(C) To introduce a new doctor on staff

(D) To announce the opening of a branch receptionist office

  1. What is suggested about Keefe Health?

(A) It offers medical options that SMG does not offer.

(B) Its location is inconvenient for Karori residents.

(C) Its patients will soon receive the letter.

(D) It has been in business for 35 years.

  1. According to the letter, what should recipients do to schedule an appointment?

(A) Visit Keefe Health’s Web page

 (B) Go to Keefe Health’s main office

 (C) Send an e-mail request to the SMG receptionist

 (D) Call the same phone number as in the past


Questions 164-167 refer to the following online chat discussion.


  1. Why did Mr. Frankel contact Ms. Davis?

(A) To propose a change to a schedule

(B) To request a security form

(C) To order laboratory supplies

(D) To confirm special arrangements

  1. When will Ms. Menja be at the security desk?

(A) At 2:30 P.m.

(B) At 3:00 p.m.

(C) At 5:00 p.m.

(D) At 5:30 P.M.

  1. What is indicated about the lab technicians?

(A) They have recently been hired.

(B) They will attend training sessions after work.

(C) They will have a break in the afternoon.

(D) They have previously met Ms. Davis.

  1. At 4:43 P.m., what does Ms. Davis mean when she writes, “That’s it, then’?

(A) She does not have any more questions.

(B) She does not think the doors should be locked.

(C) She believes that Mr. Frankel has a good idea.

(D) She has finished closing up the rooms.


Questions 168-171 refer to the following e-mail.


  1. Who most likely is Mr. Sutherland?

(A) A computer programmer

(B) A graphic designer

(C) A company manager

(D) A writer

  1. What problem did Mr. Sutherland report?

(A) Inconvenient scheduling

(B) Outdated software

(C) Long commutes

(D) Too much work

  1. What is Mr. Sutherland asked to do next week?

(A) Prepare a report

(B) Meet a potential client

(C) Train a new employee

(BD) Create a job description


In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does ihe following sentence best belong?

“This new hire will support you in most of your tasks.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 172-175 refer to the following article.


  1. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To profile a former newspaper employee

(B) To offer photography advice

(C) To promote an online newspaper column

(D) To advertise a photography exhibition

  1. What inspired Ms. Nannup to take underwater photographs?

(A) Advice from her father

(B) A job in Indonesia

(C) A special workshop

(D) A journalism class

  1. The word “pose” in paragraph 4, line 6, is closest in meaning to

(A) model

(B) check

(C) ask

(D) present

  1. What is indicated about Ms. Nannup?

(A) She is an experienced diver.

(B) She will soon publish her first book.

(C) She has taken photographs in Greece.

(D) She has used the same camera for many years.


Questions 176-180 refer to the following brochure and article.

  1. What is stated about Westwood Properties, Inc.?

(A) its offices are open daily.

(B) li lists available units online.

(C) It offers hourly personal tours.

(D) Its headquarters are located in Kentville.

  1. What is NOT listed as a feature of the units at Lakeview Oaks?

(A) Recreational facilities

(B) Laundry facilities

(C) Covered parking

(D) Hardwood flooring

  1. What does the article suggest about the units at Hillside Manor and Lakeview Oaks?

(A) They were built in eighteen months.

(B) They were completed in April.

(C) Many people find them expensive.

(D) Many people want to live in them.

  1. What does the article mention about Green Valley Court?

(A) It will contain two apartment buildings.

(B) It will be managed by Ms. Hart.

(C) Its construction costs will be partly paid for by the government.

(D) It is restricted to people who have retired.

  1. How will Green Valiey Court differ from the other two developments?

(A) It will allow residents to have pets.

(B) It will be farther from the business district.

(C) It will include special features for elderly residents.

(D) It will allow people to buy homes as well as rent them.


Questions 181-185 refer to the following e-mails.


  1. What is one purpose of the first e-mail?

(A) To announce a job opening

(B) To make an offer to a job applicant

(C) To request that applicants be contacted

(D) To check a job candidate’s references

182, What type of company most likely is Plumsted Aynes?

(A) An accounting firm

(B) A medical clinic

(C) A caterer

(D) A pharmaceutical company

  1. What is suggested about Ms. Jenkins?

(A) She has visited Plumsted Aynes before.

(B) She will be interviewed by Ms. Smith.

(C) She previously worked for Granquist.

(D) She is interested in a sales position.

  1. What will Mr. Kapcor most likely do?

(A) Meet with Mr. Garcia

 (B) Attend a conference

 (C) Make reservations at a restaurant

 (D) Select a new candidate to interview

  1. What was Mr. Maki NOT able to do?

 (A) Order food to be delivered

 (B) Schedule all the appointments within a given time frame

 (C) Have a conversation with Ms. Yu

 (D) Assist Ms. Smith with setting up the initial interviews


Questions 186-190 refer to the following article, Web page, and online order form.



  1. What is the article mainly about?

(A) How a food-service company got started

(B) What recipes a cooking class will cover

(C) Why a local restaurant is popular

(D) Where to buy inexpensive kitchen equipment

  1. According to the article, what is one reason customers like Fine Fresh Foods?

(A) Its hours are convenient.

(B) Its prices are affordable.

(C) (t has several locations.

(D) It offers free delivery.

  1. What is announced on the Pennington Farm Web page?

(A) A job opportunity

(B) An upcoming sale

(C) A business partnership

(D) An anniversary celebration

  1. What most likely is true about Pennington Farm?

 (A) It is a family-run business.

 (B) It recently opened a second farm stand.

 (C) It sells exclusively to Russell’s Grocery Store

 (D) It is an organic farm.

  1. What is suggested about Mr. Soun?

(A) He does not eat meat.

 (B) He lives in Kelowna.

 (C) He is having a dinner party on June 12.

 (D) He is one of Ms. Mishra’s friends.


Questions 191-195 refer to the following e-mails and chart.



  1. In the first e-mail, what is indicated about Ms. Millerson?

(A) Some people arrived late.

(B) She will lead a focus group on February 1.

(C) She will interview Ms. Kobayashi.

(D) She has been transferred to the Greenville office

  1. What does Mr. Friedman say he will do with Ms. Millerson’s data?

(A) Distribute it to his staff

(B) Show it to a new client

(C) Include it in a report

(D) Write an article based on it

  1. Who most likely is Ms. Acosta?

(A) The director of Human Resources

(B) The chief marketing officer

(C) A focus group leader

(D) An information technology expert

  1. What does Ms. Millerson suggest about the Greenville focus group?

(A) She has designed questionnaires before.

(B) The group will meet again soon.

 (C) Each attendee received a payment.

(D) There were fewer participants than expected.

  1. Which flavor preference surprised Ms. Kobayashi?

(A) Cherry

(B) Lemon

(C) Lime

(D) Orange


Questions 196-200 refer to the following Web site, online review, and booking confirmation.




  1. Where is the Zaboka Guesthouse located?

(A) Next to a history museum

(B) Near an urban transit center

(C) In an old area of the town

(D) In a new residential area

  1. What does the Web site mention about the Zaboka Guesthouse?

(A) It provides a complimentary breakfast.

(B) It can be reserved for special evening phone. events.

(C) It offers tours to local attractions.

(D) It requires full payment in advance.

  1. Whait did Mr. Gaines like most about the Zaboka Guesthouse?

(A) Its friendly staff

(B) Its spacious rooms

(C) Its social atmosphere

(D) Its attractive architecture

  1. How did the Zaboka Guesthouse make an exception for Ms. Le?

 (A) By extending her checkout time

 (B) By waiving a nighttime check-in fee

 (C) By charging a lower price for her room

(D) By allowing her to stay only one night

  1. What is suggested about Ms. Le?

 (A) She made her reservation over the

 (B) She will need a cade to enter the guesthouse.

(C) She will be traveling with extra luggage.

(D) She requested a room that overlooks the courtyard

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