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Đề thi TOEIC ETS 2020 – Test 2 – Listening – Học hay

Video ETS TOEIC Listening: Test 2 – Học Hay

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Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.


Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.

  1. When does the shop close?

(A) Yes, at the workshop

(B)No, they’re new clothes

(C) At nine o’clock tonight

  1. Who’s scheduled to clean the kitchen?

(A) By the sink

(B)Yes, every day

(C) Jack is

  1. How will we get to the hotel from the airport?

(A) We’ll take a taxi

(B) About 45 minutes

(C) Will that be everything?

  1. Is Teresa out of the office today?

(A) Those tickets are sold out

(B) No – she’s just gone to lunch

(C) I completed that yesterday.

  1. Which food supplier do you use?

(A) In the vegetable aisle

(B) On a weekly basis

(C) We use E and G food company

  1. Could you help me set up this window display?

(A) A window seat

(B) Yes, I was in a play

(C) I’d be happy to

  1. Why is this package here.?

(A) Three dollars and fifty cents

(B) I’ll carry it upstairs

(C) A online retailer

  1. Which menu item do you recommend?

(A) I’d suggest the pasta

(B) Do you have this shirt in blue?

(C) No, I’m fine, thank you

  1. Do you know who requested technical support?

(A) Sorry, I just got into the office

(B) The sports team is doing well

(C) Two years of technical school

  1. Where does Takumi keep the ink cartridges for the printer?

(A) Yes that’d be great

(B) To get it replaced

(C) In the supply room

  1. Ali is going to Jessica’s retirement party, isn’t he?

(A) I don’t think they worked together

(B) Brand new tires

(C) No thanks, I already ate

  1. Why don’t you go to the trade show with Franklin and Jane?

(A) No, I didn’t see it

(B) Because I have a major report to finalize that week

(C) Usually in San Francisco

  1. When are we ordering more gloves fir the laboratory?

(A) The latest test results

(B) It’s close to the post office

(C) We’ve got extras in the cabinet.

  1. Doesn’t this movie theater seat 500 people?

(A) Tickets are fifteen dollars

(B) Not quite that many, no

(C) We should be finished soon

  1. Would you like to make an appointment with the nutritionist?

(A) A client luncheon

(B) I’m scheduled for the fourteenth

(C) The fruit is on table

  1. Did you know that the Vienna Orchestra’s giving a concert here soon?

(A) No, where will it be?

(B) Classical literature

(C) The opening piece was great

  1. What’s the marketing department working on?

(A) I’m on the accounting team

(B) That was a good commercial

(C) To the second floor

  1. Isn’t it hot in here?

(A) A har and scarf

(B) For a quick phone call

(C) The air conditioner’s behind me

  1. Do you want to drive to the convention center or would you like me to?

(A) That’s all we needed

(B) The first entrance on the left

(C) I can drive since you did last time

  1. Could you pick up some more paper for the printer?

(A) Alan said that he would

(B) No, I haven’t seen it

(C) A technician

  1. I’m about to order lunch now if you’re hungry

(A) Next to the telephone

(B) Bus number five

(C) can I see the menu?

  1. Where’s the camera on this computer?

(A) No, I don’t think so

(B) E-mail it by tomorrow please

(C) on the top edge of the monitor

  1. The conference is in Helsinki this year, isn’t it?

(A) Here’s the itinerary

(B) About 5000 participants

(C) I was supposed to call him

  1. Should I schedule the inspection for Monday or Wednesday?

(A) Yes I’ll have a few

(B) Mondays are less busy

(C) Please inspect these boxes

  1. Let’s talk about how the business trip went.

(A) We have a client meeting right now

(B) The travel agency

(C) I saw it last week

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

  1. Who is Mr. Benson?

(A) An assistant

(B) A client

(C) A project manager

(D) A shipping coordinator

  1. Why did Mr. Benson call?

(A) To request an earlier delivery

(B) To inquire about a bill

(C) To report a mistake

(D) To complain about some noise

  1. What does the woman say she will do?

(A) Place an order

(B) Change suppliers

(C) Collect some tools

(D) Review some blueprints


  1. What is taking place tomorrow?

(A) A cooking class

(B) A grand opening

(C) A company dinner

(D) A music festival

  1. What does the woman hope will happen?

(A) A job will become available.

(B) An event will begin on time.

(C) Store sales will increase.

(D) Tourism to an area will improve

  1. What does the man say he will do next?

(A) Print out some coupons

(B) Design a flyer

(C) Decorate a room

(D) Stock some shelves


  1. According to the speakers, what happened last week?

(A) A new product was launched.

(B)A software package was purchased.

(C) A technical issue was resolved.

(D) A regional office was closed.

  1. What industry do the speakers work in?

(A) Health care

(B) Finance

(C) Technology

(D) Education

  1. What will the man do next week?

(A) Attend a training

(B) Travel for business

(C) Prepare a slideshow

(D) Revise a contract


  1. Where do the speakers work?

(A) At a bank

(B) At a coffee shop

(C) At a bookstore

(D) At a medical clinic

  1. Why is the woman concerned?

(A) Her inventory is low.

(B) She lost some contact information.

(C) A seating area is too cold.

(D) Road construction is disruptive.

  1. What does the man imply when he says,

“I used to work at a hardware store”?

(A) He can fix a problem.

(B) He has experience in customer service.

(C) He Is not interested in an offer.

(D) He is excited about teaching a new course.


  1. What product are the speakers discussing?

(A) A camera

(B) A printer

(C)A television

(D) A mobile phone

  1. What problem does the woman mention?

(A) An item is damaged.

(B) An item is out of stock.

(C) A display price is incorrect.

(D) A delivery was not received.

  1. What does the manager offer the woman?

(A) A refund

(B) An extended warranty

(C) Free membership

(D) Express shipping


  1. Where does the conversation most likely take place?

(A) At a drug store

(B) At a fitness center

(C) At a research laboratory

(D) At a dentist’s office

  1. What does the man give to the woman?

(A) A toothbrush

(B) A pamphlet

(C)A water bottle

(D)A receipt

  1. What does the man ask the woman to do?

(A) Pay a fee

(B)Sign a form

(C) Provide an address

(D) Make an appointment


50 What type of business does the woman work for?

(A) A grocery store

(B) A publishing company

(C) A marketing firm

(D) A travel agency

  1. What does the woman mean when she says, “we’d really like to fill the position this week”?

(A) A candidate should decide quickly.

(B) An alternative plan needs to be approved.

(C) Additional funding will be required.

(D) A manager will change a timeline.

  1. According to the woman, what does the company always pay for?

(A) Housing


(C) Clothing



  1. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

(A) A holiday parade

(B) A charity event

(C)A health seminar

(D)A company picnic

  1. What does Amelia offer to do tomorrow?

(A) Speak with some colleagues

(B) Pick up some supplies

(C) Finalize a travel itinerary

(D) Contact a news reporter

  1. Why will the man be in Washington?

(A) To inspect a building

(B) To accept an award

(C) To attend a conference

(D) To interview for a job


  1. Where do the speakers most likely work?

(A) At a shoe store

(B) At a furniture store

(C) At an auto repair shop

(D) At a kitchen appliance store

  1. Why does the man decline the woman’s request at first?

(A) He is on a short break.

(B) He is preparing a display.

(C) He is about to leave work.

(D) He is assisting another client.

  1. What does the man say about an item?

(A) It is broken.

(B) It is discounted.

(C) it is easy to operate.

(D) It is probably unavailable.


  1. Why is the man calling?

(A) To conduct a survey

(B) To inquire about a convention

(C) To provide some feedback

(D) To promote a product

  1. What does the woman say she is interested in?

(A) Making online payments

(B) Buying a membership

(C) Reducing energy costs

(D) Funding a research project

  1. What does the woman request?

(A) A demonstration

(B) A site visit

(C) A registration form

(D)A financing plan


  1. What event is the man calling about?

(A) A trade show

(B) A training workshop

(C) An awards dinner

(D)A retirement celebration

  1. Look at the graphic. How much will the man’s reservation cost?

(A) $200

(a) $250

(C) $350

(D) $150

  1. According to the woman, why is a catering business popular?

(A) it offers vegetarian dishes.

(B) It uses local ingredients.

(C) The prices are reasonable.

(D) The chef is famous.

  1. What will the speakers do this afternoon?

(A) Order replacement parts

(B) Lead a staff meeting

(C) Host a client lunch

(D) Conduct a facility tour

  1. Look at the graphic. Which month do the speakers agree to discuss?

(A) March


(C) May

(D) June

  1. What does the woman suggest doing?

(A) Improving security

(B) Hiring qualified employees

(C) Building another warehouse

(D) Inspecting some machines


  1. According to the woman, what is the benefit of changing a process?

(A) It will decrease the workload.

(B) It will make the company more competitive.

(C) it will help prevent mistakes.

(D) It will save money.

  1. Look at the graphic. Which step do the speakers agree should be removed?

(A) Step 1

(B) Step 2

(C) Step 3

(D) Step 4

  1. What will the speakers do next?

(A) Review a budget

(B) Prepare a presentation

(C) Print out some resumes

(D) Hire a consultant

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

  1. What event is the speaker mainly talking about?

(A) A sports competition

(B) A grand opening

(C) A nutrition workshop

(D) A community festival

  1. What are the listeners encouraged to do  during the event?

(A) Sample different foods

(B) Watch a demonstration

(C) Purchase souvenirs

(D) Take pictures

  1. What can the listeners find on a Web site?

(A) A list of sponsors

(B) Information about parking

(C) Some contest guidelines

(D) Some membership options


  1. Where most likely does this announcement take place?

(A) At a ferry terminal

(B) At an airport

(C) At a train station

(D)At a travel agency

  1. According to the speaker, what can the

(A) Check extra luggage

(B) Change a seat assignment

(C) Order a meal

(D) Take a map

  1. What does the speaker ask the listeners to d0?

(A) Look at a ticket

(B) Change a reservation

(C) Stand in a line

(D) Provide some identification


  1. Who most likely is the speaker?

(A) A tour guide

(B) A chef

(C) A taxi driver

(D) A politician

  1. According to the speaker, what is special about Rosedale’s city hall?
  2. A) Its age

(B) Its location

(C) Its architecture

(D) Its size

  1. Why does the speaker say, “the bus leaves at 3:00 P.M.”?

 (A) He is unhappy with an itinerary.

 (B) He cannot accept an Invitation.

 (C) He wants the listeners to be on time.

 (D) He thinks the listeners should use other transportation.


  1. What is the purpose of the meeting?

 (A) To delegate projects

 (B) To introduce a client

 (C) To organize a seminar

 (D) To present survey results

  1. What is the main complaint about a phone application?

 (A) It is slow.

 (B) It is unattractive.

 (C) It is hard to use.

 (D) It has high fees.

  1. What will happen next

 (A) Lunch will be delivered.

 (B) A schedule will be finalized.

 (C) A consultant will make a presentation.

 (D) Team members will test a new product.


  1. Where do the listeners work?

(A) At a bank

(B) At a restaurant

(C) At a sports arena

(D) At a construction company

  1. What does the speaker imply when she says, “our business is increasing”?

(A) A marketing campaign has been successful.

(B) The local population has grown.

(C)An additional branch will be opened.

(D) More employees will be hired.

  1. What does the speaker offer the listeners?

(A) A higher salary

(B) Reserved parking spaces

(C) Free festival tickets

(D) Discount meal coupons


  1. What does the speaker’s company mainly sell?

(A) Gardening equipment

(B) Computer accessories

(C) Stationery supplies

(D) Home furniture

  1. How has the company addressed a problem?

(A) By opening more stores

(B) By lowering prices

(C) By updating a product line

(D) By merging with another company

  1. What does the speaker ask the listeners to do?

(A) Prepare a press release

(B) Revise some designs

(C) Review a financial forecast

(D) Speak to customers


  1. What is the main purpose of the message?

(A) To give feedback on some work

(B) To file a complaint

(C) To schedule an orientation

(D) To propose an idea for a new product

  1. What problem does the speaker mention?

(A) A deadline has passed.

(B) A road is closed.

(C) A machine is out of order.

(D) A report is missing.

  1. What does the speaker say the listener can do during lunch?

(A) Ask questions

(B) Make a telephone call

(C) Sign some paperwork

(D) Pick up a photo ID


  1. Where do the listeners most likely work?

(A) At an art gallery

(B) At a fitness center

(C) At a department store

(D) At an advertising agency

  1. What will the company do?

(A) Require some training

(B) Invest in a system upgrade

(C) Pay for some classes

(D) Add some vacation days

  1. Why does the speaker say, “it has earned many awards”?

(A) To explain a policy

(B) To make a recommendation

(C) To offer congratulations

(D) To correct a mistake


  1. Why is the speaker calling?

(A) To ask about a lost item

(B)To confirm a schedule

(C)To complain about a service

(D) To cancel a reservation

  1. Look at the graphic. Which theater was the speaker in yesterday?

(A) Theater 1

(B) Theater 2

(C) Theater 3

(D) Theater 4

  1. What does the speaker request?

(A) A phone call

(B) A seat change

(C) A printed receipt

(D) A cash refund


  1. Who most likely are the listeners?

(A) Gardeners

(B) Security guards

(C) Sales clerks

(D) Postal workers

  1. Look at the graphic. Which building does the speaker talk about?

(A) Building 1

(B) Building 2

(C) Building 3

(D) Building 4

  1. What will the listeners most likely do next?

(A) Complete some paperwork

(B) Try on some uniforms

(C Visit) a work site

(D) Take a lunch break

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